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Welcome to the lair of the Doominatrix! A place when dominant women prowl and make both men and women their submissive sex slaves and perverted BDSM victims! Forget the "nice" side of human sexuality and come explore the realm of strict Mistresses, Dominant wives and snarling strapon Dominatrixes! Looking for something a little extra "kinky" and deliciously SHOCKING? Then come in and browse at the house of the DOOMINATRIX!

Shocking Femdom Sites

She Butt Bangs Boys - Careful if you go back to this lovely blond's apartment for a late night drink, she has a penchant for seducing men and then fucking them in the ass with her strapon! She makes no bones about it, a man's tight puckered asshole just turns her on and she can't wait to make another unsuspecting man her new bitch boy butt slave!

Sissies In Pantyhose - Bitchy boyfriends and proud husbands forced to wear pantyhose and dress like sweet sissy girls for their wives and lovers! And after these dominant sluts get done with them, they often get pimped out to other men to sexually satisfy their hard cock lust! Feminized and forced to enjoy cock!

Facesitting Porn Galleries - Trapped beneath the hot ass and sweet pussy of a dominant bitch! These men and women learn obedience in a variety of fashions by being forced to lay prone and let a woman sit on their faces! Nude, in panties, pantyhose, tight jeans, bathing suits! It's all here and deliciously hot and sticky!

Femdom Spanking Gallery - Is it every man's dream or nightmare to have a dominant woman take down his pants and spank him over her knee like a little boy? Who knows? But when these femdom bitches and mean moms get their hands on a hairbrush, belt or cane, some bad boy's butt is going to burn! Humiliating female on male spankings is the name of the game here, so be prepared to watch poor men forced to assume the position and take a bare bottom beating from snarling sluts!

Foot Scolding - Want to be on your knees before a beautiful foot Mistress worshipping and admiring her dainty feet and divine toes? Want her stroke your erect cock with her feet until you orgasm all over her toes - and then have to lick them clean? These lovely and classy Mistresses and Dominatrixes demand obedient and loving foot slaves to please and punish. Would you like to be one?

Enema Nurse Videos - Naughty rectums rinsed and clogged colons cleansed by bitches wether you need it or not! Punishment enemas administered by mean nurses and douching Dominatrixes who enjoy sticking the enema nozzle up some puckered poophole and filling her up! Warm and soapy water enema femdom by women who like to bend a man or woman over and fill their asshole with all sorts of deliciously kinky gadgets and implements!

Male Cock Milking - Men tied down and forcibly "milked" and masturbated by dominant women! Tapped and turned into a semen dispensing machine under the jerking hand of a Mistress! All men love a good handjob, but could you stand being made to cum upon demand and cock milked when ever your Mistress decides she wants you to have a forced orgasm? Check it out if you dare!

Feminized Maid - Like to see men force feminized and turned into sissy maids and cleaning girls? Husbands cross dressed by their dominant wives and then pimped out to other men as sexual playthings? Who ever said marriage is bliss never met one of these bitch wives who get off on turning their men into sweet little girls trained to the strapon and forced to service cock!

Queening Smother - Men and women learn to obey by being pussy, tit and ass smothered by beautiful haughty Queening Mistresses! Forced to smell, lick and taste hot pussy and ass upon command or forced to submit to a shocking variety of female domination tortures and sexual humiliations! When Mistress says "smell it, worm!", you better prepare for a tart and tangy treat!

The Titillatrix - Ever heard of femdom "tease and denial"? Having a dominant bitch tease you to the point of orgasm and then deny you the right to cum? Or maybe she'll tickle and stimulate you in ways you never thought possible? These naughty Mistresses use everything under the sun to tease and torture their subs into complete and utter orgasm obedience...or else!

Dominant Muscle - Female body builders who practice femdom and sexual domination of men and women! These strong ladies have both the desire and physical ability to enforce their sexual will and perverted humiliations upon anyone unlucky enough to fall into their hands! Rock hard arms, pecs and asses come into play when these dominant muscle sluts decide to work out on some poor man or woman's most sensitive parts!

Wives Training Sissy Husbands - Dominant women like to get married. Why? Because they then have a man in the house to sissy train and torment for days on end! Treating their men like a pet dog, feminized and sissified into becoming sweet obedient sissy cock whores fit only for humiliation games and pimping out to gay studs!

Her Cuckold Husband - Wives who force their husbands to watch them cheat! Often dressing them up as sissies and making them lick the hot cum from their asses or even sexually satisfy their big black bull lovers! Could any married man stand the shame of being cuckolded by a beautiful bitch wife? These men might not like it, but they sure learn to obey when their cuckolding wives demand they submit to being cock-locked, feminized and forced to watch!

Goth Lesbian Spanking - This Gothic lesbian Mistress decided she was going to punish her little bitch girlfriend for fun. She bent her over, walloped that smooth ass and then licked it good! Girls love to be naughty and lesbians are no different!

Erotic Mixed Wrestling - Wrestling bitches and grappling girls drag when into the ring and proceed to kick their ass - and balls! These fighting females take no shit from males and love to deal out the humiliation and torment with with fists, feet and knees! Guys better think twice about taunting these dominant women because they can and DO kick ass!

Dominant Mommy BDSM - It's the ultimate in male shame and femdom humiliation when this mature Dominatrix practices shocking BDSM perversions on her own son! Mother son incest is one thing, but when mommy is also a Mistress who uses her boy as a submissive sex slave to torment and abuse, it's wuite another!

Small Penis Sissy Husband - This bitch wife was tired of trying to satisfy her husband's little cock, so she decided to turn the tables on him and get some new thrills in their marriage. How? By feminizing him, humiliating him about the size of his penis and finally strapon fucking his brains out while taunting him about his "short cummings"!

Amateur Dominant Wives - Bored and frustrated married women who now delight in punishing, humiliating and generally making their husband's lives a living Hell with a sizzling variety of femdom and female domination BDSM practices! Everything from spanking to sitting on their faces and pissing! These wives are mean!

Husband's Forced Womanhood - He thought he wore the pants in the house, but his sexually dominating wife sure cured him of that notion in a hurry. Panties and bra time for the poor guy at the hands of his beautiful wife and she also knows that a strap on up the ass sure puts a man in touch feminine side!

Dominant Bitch Wife - Married and living under the thumb of a dominant bitch wife is no fun for these poor guys. Spanked, smothered, cuckolded and cock tortured by the women they wed, their lives turned into a nightmare of shame and sexual humiliation. Can it get much worse?

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